Data need love    

Data need love

Growing value from data

Hello, I'm Nico and Belove is my consulting practice. I develop data-driven software and quantitative decision-making systems. I have 12 years of experience developing quantitative equity investment systems in Paris and London.

Data/text mining
pattern and relationship
Machine learning
Model building, training
and automation
Decision making
Automation, monitoring,
performance analysis
Historical simulation
of decision models
Data quality
Validation, reconciliation
and monitoring
Tailored services
and contents
Business Intelligence
Revenue analysis
and attribution

I'm currently working on text recommendations based on latent semantic analysis. I am developing “full-stack” with Clojure and am targeting serverless deployment environments.

I've also worked on: market databases, equity research systems, portfolio optimisation, performance analysis, trade generation, program trading, data reconciliation and cleaning, web/server-side/desktop applications, software auditing/fixing/re-engineering.

Making entrepreneurial projects happen

I work at the intersection of research, engineering and business to make creative research-driven projects succeed. I've worked in highly entrepreneurial and successful financial organisations as portfolio manager, trader, researcher, software developer and team leader. I played key development and operational roles in high profile investment fund launches worldwide. Some of the systems that I designed and developed are still in use after more than a decade.

Fostering strategic agility

An agile approach is key to developing research-driven production systems under time constraints. I will help you sketch out a strategic pathway and will implement targeted solutions to incrementally reach your aim.

Working in tune with your market and its needs. Adapting to circumstances and working iteratively towards your strategic objective.
Knowing your clients and your team. Understanding your processes. Leveraging your systems. Collaborating towards your goal.
Using best-in-class technologies that are flexible, result-driven and with minimal overheads.
Anticipating issues and pitfalls. Being attentive to details. Being mindful of biases and blind spots.
Fostering diversity and agency. Helping and empowering vulnerable stakeholders.

Developing rapidly and for scale

I favour technologies that allow for rapid research and deployment, with software and data quality built-in from the ground up. I approach every new research project as a potential candidate for full scale deployment.

Smart and rapid software development
Flexible research and prototyping
Serverless computing
Automated scaling in the Cloud
NoSQL databases
Streamlined data scalability
Microsoft Visual Studio
Turn-key enterprise software develoment
Microsoft SQL Server
Fully featured enterprise RDBMS
Microsoft Office
Prototyping and open-ended analytics

More about me

After working in the financial sector, I expanded my horizons to cultural publishing and the study of cultural theory. I've got an MSc in maths/physics and an MA in cultural studies, and I am currently studying psychoanalysis. I am also a carer and I support my community as a volunteer, e.g. I recently did sound recording and post-production for METRO, a UK charity that provides health, community and youth services.

With my multidisciplinary background, I am looking forward to contributing to projects in:








Open Data


Let's put your data to work.
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